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At Playmusik for Early Childhood our objective is to bring about cognitive, physical, social, emotional, language, and music development through the use of music and instructive play.  Research over the last five to ten years has consistently proven that children who are involved in consistent meaningful music instruction benefit over their lifetime in various ways.  The most prominent of these benefits are higher SAT scores.  That is however one of many.  Children who have the opportunity to be involved in music instruction over the course of their lives are also the ones who generally pursue and obtain higher paying jobs.  These include but are not limited to professions such as doctors, lawyers, scientists, and some of your top journalists and government officials are accomplished musicians.  At Playmusik for Early Childhood we see and believe in the future potential of every child and their ability to greatness in the next generation.  We provide both early childhood group instruction through the use of our Kindermusik curriculum and private one on one music instruction. Both Kindermusik and private music instruction have a proven record of success with music learning.  We believe in the value and success of our programs so much that we invite you to come check out our programs at our Nederland or Beaumont location free of charge before you commit your financial resources.  We think you will like what you see!

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